Pain is Priceless


What is pain than a torture of a body and a soul? What is pain but minutes turned to hours and days into years? What is pain but a delusion?

We tend to refer to pain as if it is the worst thing in the world. We tend to think of pain as a monster living inside us, tearing your our flash of our bones and our souls into atoms forgetting that pain can be a gift. A gift that could turn your life around.

When talking about pain we could make a list of types of pain long as a lifetime but still all of those, in the hours of their rule over our being, could just be called P A I N. Yes, there is a physical pain, yes, there is mental pain, yes, there is pain of the soul but there is also a way of fighting it. And not just fighting it but accepting it and learning from it.

Ever since I know myself I’ve been dealing with physical pain in the amounts no child nor any human being should ever experience. I used to laugh at it, cry and scream, used to forget about it, ignore it and deal with it but nothing ever made me appreciate it as the mental pain that came later. Just then I realized having physical pain was a bliss. Years passed but pain stayed. Bad days following good days, rolling on the wheel of life. And then it reached it’s peak. Something broke in me. I was free. Not free from pain. No. As long as you are alive you will feel pain but just after you start thinking of it as a priceless little thing life gave you, you will be free of its rule. No, I finally learned from it.

Realizing that pain can pass like many other things in life, like love, friendship, family and everything else, that actually makes you happy, leads you to conclusion that everything is temporary.

Pain is temporary.

But pain teaches you to appreciate not just the good days, when you are relaxed and painless but also the bad days that you survive. Days when you realize how strong you are, how able you are to survive and overcome it, to win the war against the biggest invisible enemy of your life. And in that dark hours of maximum pain, when you reach zen moment and become life partner with it you will see

Pain is Priceless.





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How to tell you about me when l am still trying to reach my true self? Call me Seven for now and let's travel to parallel universe of your minds.

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