Are emotions finite?

There are times in life when you think “Nothing can surprise me no more.”  but even if it is true for you, even if you have experienced so much in your lifetime, still, are you sure you can control your reactions?

Till recently I thought I have experienced all there is when it comes to emotions. Sadness, unlimited joy, love, loss, trust, disgust etc. but it seems I had a wrong idea about the concept of finite emotions. Now I’m starting to believe they are not finite. They simply can’t be.

When you find yourself prepared for the worse but hoping for the best you think you got it all, but is it true? Finding yourself in the situation that happened numerous times already you think to yourself “Oh I got this. I know how it’s gonna go and how it’s gonna end, so just try staying alive till the end and all will be just fine. You’ve been through this already, chill.” but you can’t. It’s not that simple. Ok, you may have more realistic view toward it now but still it will move you, it will make you emotional one way or another.

Emotions are not finite as much as we wished they were. They are there, all the time, waiting for you to let them be, to burst or they will push you aside and conquer. Remember last time you tried staying cold and just being unemotional, well how did it go? Yeah, maybe you didn’t show any of it but I bet you you felt it. You felt the flicker inside your chest that you couldn’t extinguish that easily. That is what I am talking about.

Even when you whole brain, everything you know is screaming “This is how it’s supposed to be, don’t be a baby and stick to it!” your body, your heart is telling you a different story. So you end up being torn between the two, trying so hard to let the brain take the control but that son of a b**ch, that flicker just won’t let you be. Why? Is it cause you thought it wasn’t there no more, is it cause you though you could control it? No way. You can make him stay low in the cages of your being but it can’t be tamed.

So never forget that emotions are not so limited, even when you thing there is nothing more to make them erupt. You are a human being and you were created out of emotions.




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How to tell you about me when l am still trying to reach my true self? Call me Seven for now and let's travel to parallel universe of your minds.

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